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Igbo Language
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Work In Progress

Capture your thoughts, restrain, nail and fix them on sign posts or pillars in your life's path as you blaze the trail to your dream.

A captured thought is like a seed planted in the ground.

By watering and nurturing the seed will germinate. over time the seedling will grow.

By repeated polishing rough diamond is perfected in beauty.

Do not forget the days of little beginnings.

The Igbo ukwu bronze pots in the British Royal Museum is an evidence of arrested development of a culture and a nation. Except we act today the Igbo language and culture will be relegated to a museum in the future and the next generation of Ndi Igbo will depend on the speculation of archaeologists for inform on the rich heritage that we have inherited

The hope for Asusu Igbo lies with this generation, This is our moment to seize; to engrave our language in the sand of times

Boys of spirit, boys of will, Boys of muscle, brain and power, Fit to cope with anything, These are wanted every hour..

Wake up the resilience for which Ndi igbo are known

Ndi igbo,put your ingenuity to work

Let us work as a team to save our Language.


The tropical rain forest teams with abundant natural resources that support its inhabitants. "Nku di namba na-eghere ha nri" is an igbo idiom ..........read more