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Audio Picture Dictionary for Beginners

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Welcome to the colourful world of Igbo Language Dialects.

In the past renowned Igbo slaves, Christian missionaries and in recent times Igbo scholars have laboured to standardize Igbo language. Despite the progress that has been made, the dream of preserving the beauty in our diverse dialects has remained illusive to Ndi Igbo globally.

As English language evolved into several brands like British, American, Canadian, Pidgin etc, Igbo Language evolved as the migrant forefathers explored and conquered new frontiers in the virgin tropical rain forest that now constitutes Igbo land.

Although Central Igbo was developed to serve as a universal dialect, contemporary Igbo speakers do not use any specific dialect. Depending on place of birth, residence and aptitude; the average Igbo person speaks in a brand that is an amalgamation of several dialects. Igbo911 reflects such contemporary blend and has been chosen as the default dialect for our resource at this time until we are able to collate the data in Central Igbo.

Our goal for this segment is to capture and portray the tapestry of the different brands of Igbo language. For some of the words and sounds that have never been reflected in Igbo literature, we have coined a new blend wh from English and adopted the letter Z from west European literature. In the course of time as we collate data from all the dialects we may have to make more additions.

We hope that our students and users of this resource will appreciate the flavour this addition brings to literature in our beautiful language.