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Audio Picture Dictionary for Beginners


Hi Dr. Asiegbunam.
Thank you for this very interactive site. It is very helpful and I appreciate the pronunciation capabilities. I have two beautiful Igbo children with one on the way, I am Caucasian and would like to learn the language for them to carry on their culture. Thank you for making this available.

Ndi Igbo,
A great Igbo son (from Ufuma) a Veterinary Doctor , Izu Asiegbunam DVM in Toronto Canada developed this elaborate program to help our children speak Igbo using multimedia.
Dr. Nwachukwu Anakwenze
Chairman, Igbo World Assembly


To start, I must say thanks a lot for your good job on Igbo 911. It is a great job. I have been looking and searching for this type of job to aid us in teaching our children and foreigners who are interested to learn our language. I repeat thank you very much.

You did an excellent job putting the Igbo website together. I am neither a speaker nor an active user of the Igbo language and culture but I would like to start learning the language, especially its phonology! Indeed, I will make it a part of my favorite sites from now on. Congratulations on this project. It was well executed! Jisie ike; ime-la! Peace!
Michael O. Afol�n
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

Congratulations to Okaa Asiegbunam. Good going. TULU UGO! One day, all the fears about Igbo language disappearing will come to nought; it only takes everyone chipping in and doing something, "makana aguu na-agugbu ewu oha ma a gbachi nkiti"! Better overfed than starved.

Yes, Maazi Izu deserves the loudest praise. Anyone who visits and browses the website will add his or her voice to the praise. I have bookmarked it. It is that good.
Ticha Akuma

Maazi Asiegbunam
Thank you, thank you, thank you. Ndiigbo na asi na etoo dike na nke omere mbu omekwa ọzọ. Daalu imena.

Congratulations Dr. Asiegbunam!
I went to the website and listened to some of the pronounciations of numerals, many of which I didn't know about before today. Well done! God bless you and yours. (Chukwu gozie yi na ndi nke yi, na afa Jesu, Ise)
George Emeka Omoko, Esq.
Los Angeles, California

Igbo language ga adi ndu rue echi ooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Dalu ! Igbo language kwenu! YAA!
Ya gazie

Hi All
I just wish to congratulate you on an excellent job. May your rewards be great for putting up this website. It is a wonderful resource for teaching our children the mother tongue. Many thanks and God Bless.
Miriam Awachie

I visited the Website, and I must confess, I was impressed! It is a very laudable effort, and a great service to the Igbo community, and to all those who may have reasons for wanting to acquire some knowledge of the Igbo language. The program is easy to navigate, and the diction (pronounciation) is very clear. I have been searching for a program of this nature to help my own children whose mother is Igbo acquire some knowledge of Igbo. (I was able to find one for Yoruba for them, developed incidentally by a Yoruba couple also based in Canada.) And I myself could use the program to add a few more useful words, phrases and expressions to my scanty knowledge of the Igbo language. It is particularly noteworthy too, that all this was developed, and is being made available for free by Dr. Izu Asiegbunam, a veterinary surgeon based in Toronto, Canada, who should be commended for a great job done! I strongly recommend the program to all those with interest in learning some Igbo, or simply knowing more about the language and the people with the help of a multimedia interactive program.
Dr. Valentine Ojo
USA Africa Dialogue Series

Dear Dr. Asiegbunam
Thank you very much for your fantastic effort in building igbo911.com Absolutely brilliant!
I am still trying to get my head round the content and the difference between version 1 and 2. However I am most impressed and very grateful. I have struggled for years to find good modern igbo teaching content online.
Thank you very much.
Please kindly keep me informed of further developments and any other resources or links you have.
It would also be great to learn more about you and your team and your vision. I will be sharing your work with the Igbo community in Bristol.
I am sure that others like me will over time seek to contribute financially to your work as well.
Thanks again
Julian Okoye

Hello Dr. Asiegbunam,
We would first of all like to commend you for your brilliant effort and capture of the Igbo language via your very informative website. It is a very laudable effort and we thank you sincerely for being a front-runner.
God bless,
Ijeoma Emeka & Ijeoma Anadu.

Dr. Asiegbunam
I just want to thank you so much for your amazing website! I came across it today and I am in complete shock because of how much time was put into this website, how well planned out it is, and how informational it is. I just want to thank you so much!!! I WILL learn Igbo and teach it to my children and they will teach it to their own children all because of your website. This year I almost gave up on learning Igbo entirely! I had very small sources and I just couldn't afford some of these costly online programs! But now I have found this and all hope has been re-installed to me! I am so happy and I just came to say thank you!
Thank You
Thannnk Youu!

Dr. Asiegbunam
Thank you so very much for the wonderful work that you are doing in the Igbo911 project! There are few resources for learning the language and your web project is a BIG help. I hope that more people take advantage of this resource. I can't wait until you get more of the site completed! I hope that it will help me to better communicate with my Igbo patients who speak no English.
Thank you again.
Dr. Grace L. Blair,M.D
US-Africa Humanitarian Foundation Inc.

The site is impressive. It may not be for our children and grandchildren only. I just learned from the site that banana is une. All my life I have only known banana as unere.
I wholeheartedly endorse the site.
And I am
Ezeana Achusim

Ndi beanyi

I am forwarding this to Dr. Izu Asiegbunam, he is the producer of this site. Neither have I met Dr. Asiegbunam nor spoken with him in person, but my perception of him is one of the silent performers otherwise, how can one explain the amount of work he did on this site and the resultant effect on Igbo image world-wide. It is no surprise how well Igbo children are doing today in education all over the world, this site is really timely for them. If you have not given anything towards true and real Igbo projects, I believe this is one to donate. I urge all Igbo associations to think of adopting this site and supporting it financially because it will go a long way in helping our children to stay on with Igbo. Our language is our treasure left for us by our fore parents and we must not discard it if we have discarded everything else. With good amount of support, I am sure Dr. Asiegbunam may think of televised animated kids shows that would help our children learn Igbo earlier in life.
Oliver Obi