About Us

Igbo911 was conceived in the year 2001 out of a desire to provide a functional resource to teach my twin children how to speak Igbo language (asụsụ Igbo). Over time as the imminent extinction of Igbo language became a major subject of discussion, rather than join the chorus, I launched www.igbo911.com in 2008 as a web based interactive Igbo language learning resource. Igbo911 is privately funded and supported by the free will Donations of our students and guests like you.


My name is Dr. Izuchukwu Asiegbunam and I am the founder of igbo911. I reside in Toronto Canada where I practice Regulatory Veterinary Medicine. My mission is to create and nurture an enabling environment for the teaching and advancement of asụsụ Igbo by use of contemporary interactive multimedia technology and by harnessing the inherent dialectical flavors and complexities in the language. Igbo911 is accessible on any device with internet access such as Smart TV, Personal Computer, Black berry, i-phone and similar portable devices.

With over 50,000 entries in our data base, Igbo911 continues to grow as a functional and dynamic resource for Igbo language education for tens of thousands of households and Igbo language schools in over two thousand cities across one hundred and forty five countries. The testimonials from our students and guests from all over the world speaks of a new lease of life and renewed interest in asụsụ Igbo.

It is my opinion that most of the untapped potential for developing Igbo language lies at the intersection of knowledge disciplines. Taking the linguist and the computer programmer, the physician and the herbalist, the rain maker and the meterologist and bringing them together for a common cause creates an ideal environment for innovation. The Igbo911 Project is geared towards taking people from such differnt back grounds and disciplines that have not traditionally interacted with each other together and enable them to interact and explore some of these untapped potentials at the cross roads of their different disciplines. At this cross roads we hope to alter the boundaries of Igbo language vocabulary and consolidate the roots thereof by tapping into the richness of the diverse dialects. The out come will make Igbo language more relevant in communicating contemporary innovation in relevant disciplines such as Bio medical science and technology. I also hope to inspire a new generation of Igbo people (ndi Igbo) to bring their vocation and talent into developing new tools for the teaching and development of Igbo language and culture as a whole.

In this new dawn for asụsụ Igbo my challenge to you is to imagine a world in which every single person on the planet is given free access to the sum of all knowledge of Igbo language and culture in every dialect from every community; ask your self:
"What can I do for The Igbo nation?" and not "What The Igbo nation can do for me?"
"What can I give for asụsụ Igbo?" and not "What I can get from asụsụ Igbo?"
"What can I forego in the name of asụsụ Igbo?" and not "What can I get in the name of asụsụ Igbo?" 

Long live asụsụ igbo.
Long live the Igbo nation
Long live The Fedral Republic of Nigeria.